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Beautiful Adelaide City - Website Design is not limited by Geographical Borders

As a website design company based in Adelaide we help local businesses and individuals improve their online presence and marketing exposure on the World Wide Web. As a business or an individual wanting to let potential customers know who and what you are you can not afford not to have a web presence to promote yourself or your business.

We have a strong focus on customer service and we are there to help with any queries, we constantly monitor the performance of the website and tweak where necessary while the website is hosted with us.

banoncom Website Design Adelaide, cater for businesses and individuals, whether it be a personal blog or e-commerce site. As a small family based business in Adelaide we ourselves understand the requirements of smaller businesses and our motto is:

to provide the best personalised service along with a great customer experience.

Adelaide Website Design Not Limited by Geographical Boundaries

Even though banoncom Website Design Adelaide is based in South Australia, we also cater for individuals or businesses anywhere in Australia or the World:

  • Melbourne, Victoria and surrounds
  • Tasmania (all of it!)
  • Canberra
  • Sydney New South Wales and surrounds
  • Brisbane, Queensland and surrounds
  • Darwin, Alice Springs, Northern Territory and surrounds
  • Perth, Western Australia and surrounds.
  • Anywhere in the world!

We are based in Adelaide but are not limited by geographical boundaries and in fact if you have an internet connection, we can design and build a website for you.

So, in order for you, the customer, to understand the process behind getting a website online for your business I have put together some information below on how we go about putting a website together for you or your business.

There is more detailed information on the steps outlined below on some previous articles, here are the links to those should you wish to know more:

What to Expect when we Design a Website for You

  1. First we conduct a free consultation with you as to your requirements, we discuss domain name registration, type of website, number of pages, design specifics etc.
  2. We send you a quote based on the information we have from the consultation.
  3. After we get the go ahead we search for then register the required domain name and send you the certificate.
  4. The domain name server is setup and website hosting organised.
  5. The design process begins along with constant communication with you the customer, in order to create the image and feel and content required for the website.
  6. Once the design and content is completed the website is tweaked for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).
  7. The website is put online for you the customer, to review and approve.
  8. Once everyone is happy with the completed project the website is published online for public access and indexed with all major search engines.
  9. The website is then constantly monitored for performance and tweaked where necessary. Any future updates required will be promptly administered
  10. We keep in constant communication with you the customer to make sure that your website meets your expectations. We aim to please!

This is the process that we follow when designing and publishing a website online for you. We take care of all the details from start to finish so you can go about doing what you do best – run your business, hobby, life!


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