How To Get Your Business Website Setup – Name Server Setup

This is the third in a series of posts which will look at exactly what you need to know in order to get a website for yourself or your business up and running. This is step 3: Name Server setup.

When you get a website designed and setup by banoncom Adelaide Website Design we will look after all the details and messing around for you. We are a complete website design and hosting solution, so you can go about what you do best.

Step 3 – Name Server setup

Well by now you will have your Domain name registered and a server for your website hosting. The next step is to set the name server or DNS settings so your domain name will be directed to the IP address of your host server.

When you signed up for your hosting server you would have got details including the Name Server settings. An example of a Name Server is: ns01.hostgator.com and ns02.hostgator.com. Usually you will have 2 name server details, this is for redundancy in case one should go down.

The Name Server is a Domain Name System Server (DNS Server) it has maps for domain names to IP addresses, so when someone looks up your domain name eg: www.banoncom.com.au the Name Server will say – yep I have that record and then directs it to the IP address of your host server. Otherwise in order to use the Internet and look up web pages we would have to remember IP addresses such as which for most humans is much harder than a name such as google.com.

So in order to set the Name Server for your Domain Name you need to log into your registrars Control Panel (CP) and go to Domain Name management (terminology may differ with different registrars) then simply enter the two Name Server details in the appropriate field and save your settings.

The change in setting can take up to 48 hours to percolate through the “www” this is a matter of major Domain Name System Servers and ones that serve your host to update their DNS records.

Now you can put your site up on the server, or even just a very simple index page (default home page). Some hosting companies already have a simple index page in your domain directory when you sign up.

Once al the relevant Name Servers have updated their records you will be able to type in your Domain Name eg: www.banoncom.com.au in the URL or address bar at the top of your browser and voilà you will see your web page.

In the next post we will look at some of the different and most popular methods of getting a web page or website setup on your web server.

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