Photo Retouching and Digital Image Editing

Photoshop is the industry standard for Graphic design and image manipulation. It is extremely powerful and you can do almost anything with a digital photo. banoncom Adelaide Graphic Design can create the images and photos you want from a wide variety of image sources.

Photo Retouching and Restoration.

Photo retouching and restoration is basically enhancing an existing photo, usually one printed on photographic paper, particularly old photos that have faded or have been damaged by folding or scratches etc.

Peter Spencer photo retouch original raw scan

Before - This is the original raw scan with no enhancements. Note the severe fading and yellowing. Click for larger view

The photo is scanned to produce a digital copy of the original photo. Once the photo is in digital format, it can be worked on, correcting colour and contrast, covering up scratches, dust marks, and imperfections. The photo can be enlarged, reduced, cropped, sharpened, blurred, the possibilities are almost infinite.

Here is a sample of a recent photo retouch which I did for Peter Spencer. The age of the original photo is unknown, however it was most likely taken around late 1800’s or early 1900’s according to the work of Ernest Gall, a quite prominent South Australian photographer around that time. He has quite a large number of historical photo’s of that era, particularly of Adelaide and South Australia, in the National Library of Australia, click here to see some of his work.

Peter Spencer retouched enhanced photo of house in Hindmarsh SA

After - The retouched enhanced photo. Note the detail that has been preserved. Click for a larger view

As can be seen from the original, the photo had faded and yellowed quite severely, however even though it can not be seen with the human eye the detail is still all there as can be seen in the ‘after’ photo.

With a bit of patience and determination old photo’s can be restored to as perfect as when they were taken, eliminating fading, dust marks, scratches and stains. It is quite amazing what can be done with an old photo, so if you have any old photo’s you would like to bring back to life contact us for a quote or information.

Digital Image Editing and Manipulation

Digital Image editing and manipulation is about getting a photo or image / images and manipulating them to make a new image. The possibilities are endless and only limited by the imagination. It is great fun to be able to change an image or make up a completely new image for fun or for creating designs etc. I must admit that one of my favorite pass times is making up greeting cards, invites or humorous type photos for others as a gift, or just for fun.

Again Photoshop is the tool of choice for such type of job. The way Photoshop basically works is that it uses layers. So the images start off as single a layer, but then you add layers to add effects or new content to the image. The layers can be erased, faded, blended in, changed, filtered and so on so as to create your new image.

Digital Image Manipulation Example model car vintage replica

An old photo of three mates, a model car, add a background, and you have a memorable picture of the good ol days!
Click for a larger view

Here are some examples of digital image editing / manipulation, as I said before you can have a great time thinking up and creating the “new images”, often I have had a good belly laugh when I see what I have created. To the left is a made up photo three mates in a vintage car (it’s a model) made to look like an old photo with a sepia tone.

Below is an invite I created using an image of Admiral Nelson and a photo of the Birthday Boy.

Digital Image Editing Manipulation Admiral Nelson Birthday Invite

Invites, Greeting cards, or just for fun! Click for a larger view

These examples are just some of the many photo retouches and editing I have restored and created over the years, I hope to put some more samples up soon.

So, if you want your old photos restored, bought back to life or given a completely new life contact us, for a quote or information.

You can send the images by post on a CD, email, or if you are in Adelaide drop them off.

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