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A recent photo editing project which I had a great time doing was a panorama stitch up of a great view of Lake Wakatipu in New Zealand taken by Brent Atherton of Adelaide.

Digital Photo Stitching

The photo was taken in a series of 10 consecutive shots without using a tripod or panorama head. Taking this into consideration the photographer did a brilliant job, however it still needed quite a bit of photo editing to get it perfect!

This presented a bit of a challenge as the images did not all line up perfectly and there was lens distortion as well as light differences, however with the right tools (Photoshop) and a bit of photo editing skill anything is possible.

In the example below are two images – (click on the images for a larger view.

Photo Editing Lake-Wakatipu-panorama

  • The top image is of all the photo’s lined up without any photo editing or correction. From this you can see how the lens distorts the image, particularly wide angle lenses, and unless you lock in your aperture and exposure settings from the first shot there will be differences in the lighting of the separate images. In this particular case the differences were not too severe, so it was possible to end up with a great result.
  • The bottom image is the final panorama, it took quite a bit of photo editing / image manipulation, with the lighting, lining up the edges, patching up the sky and getting rid of some obtrusive buildings in the foreground.

It was worth the effort, the final print produced was 210mm high by 1300mm wide, the size was restricted by the amount of space the client had on their wall, however the first draft was 300mm high by 1990 wide – that’s a big photo!

If you need any photo editing – digital images or print photo’s retouched, manipulated, stitched, changed, fixed, enhanced, whatever – get in touch with us for a quote or more information, click on the link below.

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